On the Go!

It’s the start of the busiest season of the year, and we have everything you need at Thanks A Latte for when you are on-the-go!

First, our favorite “catch all” bag, the Oh Buck It bag from SCOUT. Unlike most of their bags, this bag is made out of canvas which makes it feel more like a tote bag. It’s the perfect bag for running around doing errands!


And of course it’s super important to drink lots of water. Especially as flu season approaches!  This water bottle from Ashely Brooke Designs keeps us hydrated AND motivated (“I like the way you work it”).


Another thing I love to keep in my bag is my Purefactory Naturals Foot Repair Stick. They come in 2 sizes – one for your BIG bag, and one for your little bag 😉 Rub this stick on your feet for a pedicure on the go!!


And of course I always have to have my Turkish Towel. I can use it as a scarf or shawl when it’s chilly, and I can also use it as a blanket for the park when it’s nice out!


And of course the number one thing I have to keep with me at all times is COFFEE. These Kate Spade thermal mugs are the perfect way to keep your coffee warm and with you on your busiest days.


Come see us for all the things you need to stay prepared this season!

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