Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and lucky for you, we have the perfect gifts for all your moms! Unlucky for us, our mom owns this store…so we are going to have to think a little more out of the box! Here are a few things we might get her if she didn’t own Thanks A Latte.


Capri Blue Candles

Ok, let’s be honest, this was probably a pretty obvious choice. These candles made their debut as our favorites when we first found them in Anthropolgie, and they have become many Thanks A Latte regulars’ favorite candles as well! Their most popular scent, Volcano, flies of the shelves anywhere it’s sold. I’ve never met someone who doesn’t love this scent! And just when we thought these amazing candles couldn’t get any better, Capri Blue came out with their Muse collection. All the same scents that we love, but in these amazing faceted glass jars. We couldn’t get our hands on them fast enough!

We carry the following scents: Volcano, Aloha Orchid, Blue Jean and Pomegranate Citrus.

Click HERE to buy online!



Barr Co. Soaps & Lotions

We were a little skeptical when we first heard that Barr Co. originally started out with only ONE scent. I mean, how could a bath & body company be successful with only one fragrance for their soaps and lotions? Well, even though we carry 6 other scents in their soap, their original scent is still the one that people come back for! Their lotions, bubble bath, bath salts, hand wash and bar soap will make your mom’s skin feel spoiled. She won’t ever want to use anything else (which will be GREAT for birthdays and Christmas!).  And I’ll give you one guess where we first spotted this awesome line. That’s right, the magic word, Anthropologie.

Click HERE to shop Barr Co products online!



Original Hobo Wallet

Our new obsession, the HOBO wallet, is a gift your mom will thank you for for years to come. Made of 100% real leather, these wallets literally last years and years! They have plenty of room for all her credit cards, an easily accessible bill pocket, a zipper pouch and it can even fit her smart phone! There is not one woman who doesn’t want/NEED a Hobo wallet.



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