Pray for Kelly

photo 1

Pictured above is my personal prayer journal that I love and use everyday. The first category of each month is “The World” where you can pick a specific country to pray for. For the past two months, God has laid Ecuador on my heart. Kelly recently went on staff with Hands of Compassion, a non-profit organization meeting a variety of needs in Ecuador. Kelly is so excited to pursue her passion for fighting sex trafficking in a country that has never been served in this area before. This week, Kelly and the president of HOC are in Ecuador, meeting with influential individuals to lay the foundation for some big changes! I absolutely cannot wait to hear how everything goes and all of the exciting things coming for Hands of Compassion! Join me in praying for my amazing sister and the work the Lord has so perfectly laid out before her!

Also, I cannot wait for my sister to come back home! It’s only been a day and I miss her like crazy!

photo 2


 ps. check out the Hands of Compassion website, facebook, twitter and instagram!



instagram: @handsofcompassion

twitter: @HOCintl






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