Emily Ley For the Win

2013 Shay Cochrane

You had to know that a blog post was coming up soon about Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner! She sold out of most of them on her website on the first day she launched them, May 6. However, you are in luck, because we still have some left in our store!

This round of planners come in 2 different styles – 17 Month Weekly (Aug 2015 – December 2016) & Academic Daily (Aug 2015 – July 2016). And each one comes in 3 different adorable patterns – Happy Stripe, Mint Dot & Gold Pineapple! For those of you who were a little bit confused about the difference in the planners, the weekly version shows the whole week on each spread. The daily version has each day on a completely separate page. Our advice when deciding which one is best for you is to consider how you spend most of your day. If you work from 9-5, then you probably don’t need a daily planner because most of your day is filled up with the same thing. It might be better for you to get the weekly version to be able to see your whole week when making dinner plans, bible studies, etc. However, if you are student, self employed, etc. the daily would probably be best for you! This version is great if each day of your week looks different. It’s great for keeping track of class schedules, club meetings, etc. My sister and I both chose the 17 Month Weekly in Gold Pineapple. What are you going to choose?

One of our favorite features that is seen in both versions is the little spot for dinner! Whether you are cooking just for yourself or for a while family, that tiny little spot is so helpful. Being able to write down what our dinner plans are for each night helps me so much when I’m grocery shopping!

Emily Ley also always includes some amazing accessories with the release of her planners! We have her stretchy bands and magnetic page markers also.

And let’s not forget her amazing Baby Book! These are also sold out on her website, but we have a few still left in our store! These make amazing shower gifts. The only come in the Mint, so they are gender neutral!

ELBabyBook + Box

We just wanted to highlight what’s new with one of our favorite lines! But this definitely isn’t all Emily Ley has to offer! We have her prints, mini notebooks, notepads and contact book in the store too! Come by and see all our Simplified treasures before they’re gone!

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