NC Pride

If you’ve been in our store, you have probably noticed our love for North Carolina. We posted a few months ago about some of our favorite items that were made in NC (read more about that here!) Today, we wanted to show some amazing items we have that will help you show your love for NC!

First, we wanted to show our favorite NC items for entertaining! These wooden white trays look so cute on top of a wooden coffee table or dining room farm table. And these coasters are neutral enough to go anywhere! Both of these amazing pieces make great wedding gifts or housewarming gifts!

Next, these two items are perfect for decorating a home that is proud to be in North Carolina! These Southern Sass pillows are the perfect touch to any comfy couch, fluffy chair or bed! And this NC shaped chalkboard looks AMAZING in a kitchen!

Last, but certainly not least, we have TONS of NC State stuff! If you are not only proud to be a North Carolinian but also a member of the Wolfpack, then you have to come check out this section of our store. We also have items from a few other schools in NC, but we are proud NCSU fans! If you want to see other schools represented more in our store, you can show us by purchasing what we have that represents those schools 🙂


Any of these awesome NC products make great going away presents, welcome home presents, graduation presents, wedding presents and house warming presents! Come check out all the fun ways you can rep your NC pride!

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