Tell Your Story!

One of our all time favorite lines to carry is Waxing Poetic! Their jewelry is great quality – made of sterling silver and brass with gold plating. Most of their charms are mixed metals, so it’s easy to mix and match with whatever you’re wearing! Their mission is to help people “tell their story.” They have tons of awesome charms and beautiful bracelets and chains so you can wear something that represents what means the most to you! We all personally have their jewelry and love it! They make such great, sentimental gifts.


My mom wears 2 of the Waxing Poetic bangles every day in her regular stack of bracelets. She has all of her children’s initials, her last initial, a charm that says “grateful,” a heart, and a cross. On a separate bangle, she has an “E” for her new grandbaby, Eliza, and a rocking horse. These charms remind her of all she has to be grateful for! Her amazing family and her relationship with Jesus Christ.


Rachel has recently added a Waxing Poetic bangle to her arm party too! She has an “H” to represent her new last name, a charm that says “adored” from her new, sweet husband and a cross to represent her faith in Jesus.

Not pictured, is my bracelet! I have an “E” charm to represent my new baby girl, Eliza, a charm that says “cherished” from my husband, a cross to represent my faith in Jesus, and an elephant to remind me of the time I spent working with victims of sex-trafficking in Thailand.

It’s awesome to be able to have such beautiful reminders of where God has taken us and how He has blessed us! These bracelets make great gifts, and are so easy to add on to! They are PERFECT for Mother’s Day gifts. And the best part is that you can keep adding to them at the next holiday!


What story do you need to tell? One of our necklaces or bracelets from Waxing Poetic could be the perfect way to tell it!

We’d love to hear the stories you are sharing! Comment below with the stories you are representing with your jewelry from Waxing Poetic!

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