Love Your Moms!

We thought this week would be the perfect time to tell you what WE think are the perfect Mother’s Day gifts! Sometimes moms can be the hardest to buy for. They do so much for us and it seems so hard to get a gift that shows them just how much we appreciate all they do!

Moms seem to always be on the go, so what better way to show your appreciation than to set her up with all she needs for an amazingly relaxing bubble bath! Barr Co makes some amazing bath bubbles and bath salts (which have healing properties too!). Their original scent is relaxing and clean, and will be sure to keep her relaxed as she soaks. Barr Co lotion is amazing too and can even be used on extremely dry skin (even eczema!). It’s the perfect finish to the perfect bath.

(**you could also throw in a gift card for a massage or mani/pedi!**)


Speaking of relaxing, how cute is this wine glass and matching party napkins from Mary Phillips designs? I think every mom can say they’ve needed a big glass of “mommy’s little helper” every now and then. We also have adorable framed art and greeting cards from this designer! She has so many hilarious and clever sayings!


You should know by now that we are pretty much obsessed with Waxing Poetic. But seriously, for Mother’s Day, this is a great idea. We have nests with hearts for how many kids she has or trees with apples – and then just add her kids initials! So sentimental and sweet. We have all kinds of shapes, sizes and fonts – and lots of different chains and bracelets!


One thing we know about moms is that they love a good wallet! Hobo (purple one on the left) makes amazing wallets that can fit just about everything – your phone, tons of receipts, chapstick, a snack? whatever you can think of! And they are made out of real leather, so they are made to last! And just as practical are our crossbody wallets! They can be worn over the shoulder or as a wristlet, and they have 3 amazing pockets to fit everything you need. And the best part? They can be MONOGRAMMED.


Another long time favorite of ours is Library of Flowers. Their perfume is to DIE for. Every scent they make has a perfume, perfume crema, hand lotion, bath milk, shower gel and soap to match! Or if you want a little bit of everything, we also carry their “field kits,” which come packaged in these adorable cylinders!


I think it’s safe to say EVERY mom needs these little sign. “Being a mom has made me so tired and so happy.” #TRUTH


And here’s a picture of the best mom and Gigi ever, just for fun 🙂


If you still can’t decide what to get your mom after this blog post, come see us and let us help! We love celebrating our mom, and we would love to help you celebrate yours!

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