Yay Summer!!

In honor of our annual family beach trip last week, I thought I’d write about all of our favorite essentials for summer! Every summer we go to Hilton Head for a week, and we have a BLAST. My grandparents are retired down there now, so as a bonus, we get to see them too! Unfortunately, now that we are all older and have our own schedules, usually the only people that get to stay the whole week are my mom and dad. However, there is always some overlap where we are ALL there together at the same time, and those times are the most fun!

The first thing I wanted to share with you guys is the BOOTY BUDDY. Listen, if you do not have one of these, YOU NEED ONE. These will save your bathing suits!! Use these to sit on the side of the pool, and say good-bye to picked bikini bottoms. (Plus, when summer is over, they can double as bleacher cushions!). And like most things, these can be monogramed!


Another pool side/beach essential is a Tervis tumbler. And not just any Tervis tumbler…but a Simply Southern Tervis tumbler! The styles that are on your favorite tshirts are now on these awesome cups!  These cups will keep whatever your summer beverage is nice and cold!


Possibly the MOST essential accessory for summer is your beach bag. And who can ever find one big enough? Well, the search is over because this amazing bag from MB Greene is the perfect size. Big enough to fit several beach towels, lined on the inside and super cute! We also have matching lined pouches that are perfect for sunscreen!


Living in NC, I’m sure lots of you take day trips to the beach on the weekends. Day trips are so fun, but can be a little inconvenient. Where do you put your wet bathing suit when it’s time to drive home? In this adorable bikini bag (we also have “swim trunk” bags!).


Our favorite thing to wear over our bathing suits this year? Comfort Colors Pocket Tanks with Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitzer monograms! We have tons of beachy colors and patterns to choose from – AND they are only $24, including the monogram! No brainer.


The last and most important summer essential is a buddy to lay out and soak up the sun with. Here’s our favorite beach partner lately…


This little nugget loved her first trip to the beach! She played in her tent for hours, and even kicked around in the pool in a little float for a while!

We hope your summer is off to a great start and that we can help you find all you need to have a summer full of beach days and great coffee!

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