Shopping For A Cause

One thing that we really love is brands that exist in order to help others. It’s hard to find companies that really make a difference, but we feel like we’ve found some pretty awesome ones!

A lot of people actually don’t know that the extremely popular Lily and Laura bracelets actually help support women in Nepal! Laura started living there in 1996 and fell in love with the people and culture of Nepal. She wanted to find a way to help pay the women she met there MORE than fair trade wages and improve their quality of life. I’d say her idea worked!

8147016_orig IMG_1886

Bridgewater Candles are all made in the U.S. and provide lots of American jobs. They also feed a hungry child for a day with the purchase of each candle! How awesome is that! Plus their candles are easily personalized (which we do in store), which makes them a sentimental gift.


And last, but certainly not least, is Banded! This is by far our best selling product in the whole store, which is really awesome because it’s for a great cause! Banded partners with an organization called Amazima Ministries. Each headband provides 3 meals for a child in Uganda. We also sell the book about how this awesome organization got started – Kisses From Katie.

IMG_1884 IMG_5036_1024x1024

Many of you probably have been buying this products without even fully understanding how much you are helping others around the world. We love companies like these and hope to keep supporting great causes with great products in our store!

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