When You’re Expecting

As you all know, we’ve had lots of babies lately around Thanks A Latte! My sweet baby girl is now 5 months old, and Kate is 20 weeks pregnant with her little one! Not to mention several of our awesome customers who have had babies recently or are expecting! We have so many awesome baby gifts, but we have recently gotten some really sweet books for those who are awaiting their little bundles of joy! Pregnancy (especially the first time!) is such an overwhelming experience. My mom bought me a book similar to these when I found out I was pregnant, and it was so helpful in processing, praying and preparing to be a mom.

We have always loved Val Marie’s prayer journals, and now she has come out with this Praying Through Pregnancy journal! It has sections for praying for baby’s health, baby’s future, mom’s needs, dad’s needs, friends trying to conceive and more! What an awesome way to organize your thoughts and prayers as you await such an awesome miracle. It’s small and compact, so it can travel with the mamma-to-be wherever she goes. Perfect to pull out in times of anxiety, excitement or even to kill time.

Another sweet journal is the Expecting You journal. It’s a hardback journal which makes it a really nice gift!

And finally, one of the sweetest books I’ve seen – Letters to You. It has a place for you to write a letter to your child every year of their life until they are 18! There is also a page for each year with different questions to remember special moments and milestones. Such a sentimental and sweet thing to have.

If you or someone you know is expecting, these are some great, unique, sentimental books to pick up!

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