So Many New Things!!

Every January and July, we take a trip down to the market at AmericasMart in Atlanta to search for new and unique products to fill up our store. It’s an extremely overwhelming few days, but we always have a blast! We didn’t get to go in January this year, because Eliza was due right in the middle of the week market was happening. So, we’ve been itching to get down there and check everything out! I decided not to tag along this year, because AmericasMart made a new rule – no strollers. Go figure. Thankfully, my mom and Rachel kept me in the loop while they were there though! They texted me pictures constantly and made sure I was involved in all their decisions. A few of the new things we found at market this year have already hit the shelves! But we wanted to give you a little sneak peek at some of the things you can be expecting to see in our store in the next few months.

One product we are EXTREMELY excited about are these bangles!! Moon & Lola and Bourbon & Boweties collaborated – and this is what they came up with! I can’t think of two better jewelry lines to merge into one. These will be in store any day, and we know that you are going to LOVE them.

Many of you will be excited to see that SPARTINA IS BACK! We took a little break from carrying them for a while, but we could not resist their new jewelry line when we saw it! Their stud sets are perfect for every day, and make amazing gifts!! (Can you say bridesmaids??) We are dying to get our hands on these when they get here! (Unfortunately, we still will not be carrying their bags! Sorry beans!)

Another item we are bringing back are these wooden monogram letters!! We LOVE the style of this company. These are going to look great hanging on your doors and in your homes!


As if there wasn’t enough in our store already that could be monogramed, we are excited to bring in this seer-sucker backed button down! Another great item for a bride or bridesmaids to get ready in!


We’ve had a great response to the Penguin Classic novels with pretty covers – but let’s be honest, they end up being mostly used for decoration, right? So for those of you who would rather decorate with books than read them – here you go!! Alphabooks coming soon!


And last, but not least, we always have to show some NC/USA pride. We ordered a variety of these awesome hats and keychains to match. Can be gender neutral for those of you looking for mens gifts!


These are just a FEW of the items that we are so excited to show you guys!! Stay updated with new arrivals by following us on Instagram (@thanksalattegifts), and liking our page on Facebook!

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