Attention Students & Teachers

Attention all students and teachers and moms of students and teachers!! This blog post is for you. I know it’s a little late for a back-to-school post, BUT we figured we’d let the cost of text books and all your initial school supplies blow over before we showed the REAL essentials for an awesome year.

First of all, lets talk about bags. SCOUT pretty much as the best and most practical bags out there, but especially for school! Their backpacks are cute, durable and can (obviously) be monogramed! They have several pockets and come in these two amazing stripe prints.


One of SCOUT’s best selling bags, the Pocket Rocket, is an amazing bag for teachers! There are pockets surrounding the outside, and it’s shape and durability make it great for carrying a laptop, tons of file folders, binders, etc. And of course we have to have some matching lunch boxes!! We have two different styles and tons of different patterns to choose from. Whether you are a student or a teacher, these thermal lunch boxes have your name on them (and they actually CAN have your name on them…literally…if you want).



Something you always need in school are some good PENCILS. And of course you need to have cute ones. Right? These adorable packs from Greenleaf have the same look as Rifle Paper Co and Kate Spade, but are a little less expensive.  #notwantbutneed #nobrainer


And then you need to have a pencil pouch to put them in!! Kate Spade has some incredibly cute pencil pouches. They are an awesome size and can actually be used as a pouch for just about anything. Teacher gift? Some cute pencils INSIDE a cute pencil pouch? Yes please.


And finally, a cute tumbler to carry around your beverage of choice to get you through the school day. Iced coffee, water, sweet tea – it all tastes better in a cute cup.


We hope you’ve all had a great start to the year so far! Our adorable school supplies and our delicious coffee are more than enough to keep you perky on your longest school days this year. Come see us soon!

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