Happy Anniversary!

So, believe it or not, this Sunday, September 27, is me and Darren’s 2 year anniversary! It has been a whirlwind so far, but I have genuinely loved every second. I am so thankful everyday to be married to such an honest, humble and godly man. We are going to go back to Boone (where I went to college, and where a lot of our relationship happened) to stay in the same Bed & Breakfast we stayed in last year for our first anniversary.


We weren’t necessarily planning on making it a tradition, but it looks like it might become one. We LOVE the mountains, hiking and just being outside. Last year, I was about 6 months pregnant, so hopefully this year I’ll have a little more energy. We waited till the last minute to make our reservations…so we aren’t going for another month (haha!), but I’m sure we’ll still do something small to celebrate this weekend 🙂

In honor of our anniversary, I figured we’d do a blog post on some of our new wedding gifts we have in the store! Everyone loves a good Mr. & Mrs. duo, whether it’s wine glasses, coffee mugs, pillows, or even tshirts! We recently got these gold foiled Mr. & Mrs. coffee mugs and wine glasses. How perfect would these wine glasses be with a bottle of champagne as an engagement gift?! And we are obviously obsessed with these mugs because…coffee.

IMG_3498 IMG_3499

These little dishes make an awesome engagement or wedding gift also! They can be used as little trinket trays in your bedroom or bathroom, or even as little dessert or breakfast plates! You could also hang them on a gallery wall with some pictures of you and your spouse and a cute initial.


A really fun thing to grab for a bachelorette party are these “team bride” cups! You could also use them for a bridal shower or bridesmaids brunch.


Speaking of bridesmaids….we have some really cute bridesmaids gifts!! These knot bracelets are probably the best idea I have ever seen. The box says “My I Dos would KNOT be the same without you.” CUTE. They would even be really cute to wear IN the wedding. And Pinch Provisions is always a no brainer when it comes to little gifts! These tiny emergency kits are perfect for each bridesmaid to have on hand for the big day, and will definitely come in handy long after your wedding day is over.

Finally, I figured I’d share our wedding video with all of you. Our wedding day was truly one of the most powerful and spiritual days of my entire life. Happy Anniversary to us! 🙂 🙂

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