Flip Flop Feet

Summer is winding down, but we still have lots of flip flop weather left this year! One of our favorite new products that we are carrying are our Foot Repair Sticks and Perfect Pedi kits from Purefactory Naturals! They are paraben and gluten free, so they are safe for anyone to use on their feet! These are some of the ingredients that make these foot repair sticks amazing!!

Beeswax – Beeswax is a natural inflammatory that softens the skin and provides a long lasting shield.

Shea Butter – This intense moisturizer restores your skin’s elasticity!

Cocoa Butter  Cocoa butter is high in vitamin E and natural anti-oxidants.

Olive Oil – This naturally produced linoleic acid helps retain moisture.

Coconut Oil – Coconut oil is loaded with vitamin E and fatty acids which are anti-fungal, anti-oxidizing and anti-bacterial.

Sweet Almond Oil – Sweet almond oil contains vitamin D and vitamin E which is beneficial for the promotion of healthy skin.

On top of all of those amazing benefits, Purefactory Skin Repair is also 100% American made and uses environmentally-conscious product and packaging. There is also NO parabens, gluten, petroleum or other harmful chemicals or GMOS!

You have to come in and try these! They come in small travel sizes too which are perfect for your purse! AND the perfect pedicure sets are perfect gifts!

Personalization Station

We love that for many of you we are your “go to” for unique and personal gifts! We try to carry merchandise in our store that will help you make the people you love feel special. One of the best and easiest ways to do that is to personalize your gift with a monogram! Almost anything in our store can be monogrammed. We use a local friend to do our embroidery monograms, but we do our vinyl monograms IN STORE. A vinyl monogram can go on just about anything! We add them to SCOUT bags, acrylic key chains, wine glasses, clipboards, phone cases etc.  We can even do car decals! Sometimes there are almost too many choices and possibilities when it comes to personalization, so we thought we’d show you some of our new, favorite ideas.

Something that probably doesn’t immediately come to mind when you think of a monogramed gift is a candle! Bridgewater candles provide meals to hungry children with the purchase of every candle! PLUS, they look amazing with a vinyl monogram. We can put just about anything on these. Aside from your monogram or name, we can also add a pineapple, North Carolina, Mrs. or an ampersand (good for wedding gifts)!

Another unique gift to get monogramed is this cross body clutch! It comes with a leather strap so you can wear it across your body, or tuck it inside and just use it as a clutch. They come in several different colors in store, and an embroidered monogram can be added in several different fonts and colors! Such a practical and personal gift!


These cuffs are probably one of our favorite ideas yet! They come in almost every color you can think of, and look so cute with a gold monogram. Who do you know that needs this cuff added to their arm party?


And finally, these small jewelry trays are always a perfect little “I’m thinking of you” gift, engagement gift, graduation gift, or house warming gift! They can be used to collect anything small, doesn’t have to be jewelry! Paper clips on some one’s desk, wedding bands for a newlywed, business cards, etc!


What are some of your favorite things to monogram? Come see us for some cute, unique and personal gifts this week!


At Thanks A Latte, YOU are our main priority. We want to make drinks that you like. Sell gifts that you would want to receive. And that you would want to buy for others. In order to do that we have to connect with you. Have relationships with you. And we are so thankful for the relationships we have with some of you! You have become close friends. People we love to see walk through the door. We are so blessed to be able to have a business that we not only run with our family, but run for customers who have become friends.

That being said, what would you guys like to see more of on the blog? What are you wanting to know more about? What questions do you have? Tell us in the comments below!

So Many New Things!!

Every January and July, we take a trip down to the market at AmericasMart in Atlanta to search for new and unique products to fill up our store. It’s an extremely overwhelming few days, but we always have a blast! We didn’t get to go in January this year, because Eliza was due right in the middle of the week market was happening. So, we’ve been itching to get down there and check everything out! I decided not to tag along this year, because AmericasMart made a new rule – no strollers. Go figure. Thankfully, my mom and Rachel kept me in the loop while they were there though! They texted me pictures constantly and made sure I was involved in all their decisions. A few of the new things we found at market this year have already hit the shelves! But we wanted to give you a little sneak peek at some of the things you can be expecting to see in our store in the next few months.

One product we are EXTREMELY excited about are these bangles!! Moon & Lola and Bourbon & Boweties collaborated – and this is what they came up with! I can’t think of two better jewelry lines to merge into one. These will be in store any day, and we know that you are going to LOVE them.

Many of you will be excited to see that SPARTINA IS BACK! We took a little break from carrying them for a while, but we could not resist their new jewelry line when we saw it! Their stud sets are perfect for every day, and make amazing gifts!! (Can you say bridesmaids??) We are dying to get our hands on these when they get here! (Unfortunately, we still will not be carrying their bags! Sorry beans!)

Another item we are bringing back are these wooden monogram letters!! We LOVE the style of this company. These are going to look great hanging on your doors and in your homes!


As if there wasn’t enough in our store already that could be monogramed, we are excited to bring in this seer-sucker backed button down! Another great item for a bride or bridesmaids to get ready in!


We’ve had a great response to the Penguin Classic novels with pretty covers – but let’s be honest, they end up being mostly used for decoration, right? So for those of you who would rather decorate with books than read them – here you go!! Alphabooks coming soon!


And last, but not least, we always have to show some NC/USA pride. We ordered a variety of these awesome hats and keychains to match. Can be gender neutral for those of you looking for mens gifts!


These are just a FEW of the items that we are so excited to show you guys!! Stay updated with new arrivals by following us on Instagram (@thanksalattegifts), and liking our page on Facebook!

When You’re Expecting

As you all know, we’ve had lots of babies lately around Thanks A Latte! My sweet baby girl is now 5 months old, and Kate is 20 weeks pregnant with her little one! Not to mention several of our awesome customers who have had babies recently or are expecting! We have so many awesome baby gifts, but we have recently gotten some really sweet books for those who are awaiting their little bundles of joy! Pregnancy (especially the first time!) is such an overwhelming experience. My mom bought me a book similar to these when I found out I was pregnant, and it was so helpful in processing, praying and preparing to be a mom.

We have always loved Val Marie’s prayer journals, and now she has come out with this Praying Through Pregnancy journal! It has sections for praying for baby’s health, baby’s future, mom’s needs, dad’s needs, friends trying to conceive and more! What an awesome way to organize your thoughts and prayers as you await such an awesome miracle. It’s small and compact, so it can travel with the mamma-to-be wherever she goes. Perfect to pull out in times of anxiety, excitement or even to kill time.

Another sweet journal is the Expecting You journal. It’s a hardback journal which makes it a really nice gift!

And finally, one of the sweetest books I’ve seen – Letters to You. It has a place for you to write a letter to your child every year of their life until they are 18! There is also a page for each year with different questions to remember special moments and milestones. Such a sentimental and sweet thing to have.

If you or someone you know is expecting, these are some great, unique, sentimental books to pick up!

Why We Do It

It’s so hard to believe that Thanks A Latte has been open for 2.5 years now. Time has FLOWN by. There are so many of you that have been with us since the beginning, but we thought we’d take time this week to tell our story.

People ask my mom all the time if opening a coffee shop has always been her dream. And what’s hilarious is that the answer is no. I should probably take a moment to tell you a little bit more about my mom so that you understand. She is a total go-getter. She gets in her head the life she wants, and she makes it happen! She has done everything from teach to coach to manage retail stores to opening her own!


She understands that it’s not always about what you do, but why you do it.

For example, she was a teacher at a private school for 9 years – not because she necessarily loved teaching (although she does enjoy it!) – but so that her kids could go to a good school for free. She worked at Gymboree when we were babies so that she could get discounts on (according to her) the best and softest clothes for us.  When we all fell in love with Ann Taylor Loft, guess what she did? Became a manager there so we could get their clothes for 50% off.  She worked with a pregnancy center to teach teens why it’s important to save yourself for marriage, and she even used to volunteer to put on modesty fashion shows in order to teach young girls how to value their bodies and still be cute (I’ll give you one guess who her two models were…). My mom is not afraid to take risks in order to live her life to the fullest and help others do the same.

So anyways, in July of 2012, my mom and sister were at the beach and thought of this crazy idea to open a coffee shop and a gift boutique. I was living in Thailand (another story for another day), my sister was in college and my brother was about to move out and start school at ECU. She started thinking she was going to be lonely without all of us living at home anymore. So she and Rachel drew up the plans for what would soon be Thanks A Latte and presented the idea to my dad – convinced he would say no. But, as I’m sure you can guess, he thought it was a great idea. Six short months later, I had graduated college and had moved home to help my mom open.

So many people say it’s their dream to have their own coffee shop. And for good reason – it’s a blast! But I think the reasons my mom decided to open her coffee shop were a little different than most. While she does love coffee and she does love gifts, she loves people more. She loves getting to know all of you. She loves hearing your stories. She loves laughing with you, crying with you and loving you through good times and hard times.

I think she has finally found the one thing that allows her to do what she’s best at. Loving people.

Watch this awesome video about how we started Thanks A Latte!

Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is literally 2 days away!! We get so excited about celebrating our Dad, and super excited to celebrate Darren’s first Father’s Day! Dad’s can be so hard to buy for, so we decided to give you some ideas!

While our store is not particularly focused on men’s gifts, we DO have a few awesome and thoughtful gifts that are perfect to add on to whatever big celebration you are doing for your dad!


If you are looking for something sentimental, these little tie frames are perfect! You can put small pictures of all the kids in these perfectly dad-like frames. I mean, nothing screams Father’s Day like a tie!


Something we are REALLY excited about is this prayer journal from Val Marie Paper! Many of you ladies have loved her prayer journals, and she has finally made a version for men! They are small and compact, easy to throw in their briefcase or keep with their Bible!


And finally, our newest and most clever gadget, the Pocket Monkey! This multi-tool is thin enough to fit in your wallet and has over 12 functions! Some of which include a bottle opener, phillips screwdriver, phone kickstand and ruler! It’s made in the USA, and TSA compliant! So no matter where your dad goes, he will have the tools he needs!


Of course I can’t end this blog post without a picture of my daddy and my baby daddy 😉 So blessed to have such awesome men in my life!

quelette wedding-4560


Shopping For A Cause

One thing that we really love is brands that exist in order to help others. It’s hard to find companies that really make a difference, but we feel like we’ve found some pretty awesome ones!

A lot of people actually don’t know that the extremely popular Lily and Laura bracelets actually help support women in Nepal! Laura started living there in 1996 and fell in love with the people and culture of Nepal. She wanted to find a way to help pay the women she met there MORE than fair trade wages and improve their quality of life. I’d say her idea worked!

8147016_orig IMG_1886

Bridgewater Candles are all made in the U.S. and provide lots of American jobs. They also feed a hungry child for a day with the purchase of each candle! How awesome is that! Plus their candles are easily personalized (which we do in store), which makes them a sentimental gift.


And last, but certainly not least, is Banded! This is by far our best selling product in the whole store, which is really awesome because it’s for a great cause! Banded partners with an organization called Amazima Ministries. Each headband provides 3 meals for a child in Uganda. We also sell the book about how this awesome organization got started – Kisses From Katie.

IMG_1884 IMG_5036_1024x1024

Many of you probably have been buying this products without even fully understanding how much you are helping others around the world. We love companies like these and hope to keep supporting great causes with great products in our store!

Yay Summer!!

In honor of our annual family beach trip last week, I thought I’d write about all of our favorite essentials for summer! Every summer we go to Hilton Head for a week, and we have a BLAST. My grandparents are retired down there now, so as a bonus, we get to see them too! Unfortunately, now that we are all older and have our own schedules, usually the only people that get to stay the whole week are my mom and dad. However, there is always some overlap where we are ALL there together at the same time, and those times are the most fun!

The first thing I wanted to share with you guys is the BOOTY BUDDY. Listen, if you do not have one of these, YOU NEED ONE. These will save your bathing suits!! Use these to sit on the side of the pool, and say good-bye to picked bikini bottoms. (Plus, when summer is over, they can double as bleacher cushions!). And like most things, these can be monogramed!


Another pool side/beach essential is a Tervis tumbler. And not just any Tervis tumbler…but a Simply Southern Tervis tumbler! The styles that are on your favorite tshirts are now on these awesome cups!  These cups will keep whatever your summer beverage is nice and cold!


Possibly the MOST essential accessory for summer is your beach bag. And who can ever find one big enough? Well, the search is over because this amazing bag from MB Greene is the perfect size. Big enough to fit several beach towels, lined on the inside and super cute! We also have matching lined pouches that are perfect for sunscreen!


Living in NC, I’m sure lots of you take day trips to the beach on the weekends. Day trips are so fun, but can be a little inconvenient. Where do you put your wet bathing suit when it’s time to drive home? In this adorable bikini bag (we also have “swim trunk” bags!).


Our favorite thing to wear over our bathing suits this year? Comfort Colors Pocket Tanks with Vineyard Vines and Lily Pulitzer monograms! We have tons of beachy colors and patterns to choose from – AND they are only $24, including the monogram! No brainer.


The last and most important summer essential is a buddy to lay out and soak up the sun with. Here’s our favorite beach partner lately…


This little nugget loved her first trip to the beach! She played in her tent for hours, and even kicked around in the pool in a little float for a while!

We hope your summer is off to a great start and that we can help you find all you need to have a summer full of beach days and great coffee!

There’s Something in the Water…

Many of you probably already know, but we have something really exciting to announce!! Our very own Kate Nelson is having a baby!!! She is due in November, and we couldn’t be more excited for her and her husband, Thomas! There must be something in the water at Thanks A Latte…so look out! In honor of this exciting announcement, we decided to tell you about some of our favorite baby items. Starting with this Expecting You journal. It’s the perfect gift for someone who just found out their expecting! It’s such a special time to be expecting a child, and sometimes it’s hard to know exactly how to document it. This is the perfect way to help!


One thing that is essential for every little baby’s room is a piggy bank! Or, I guess any kind of cute little bank..We have these ADORABLE whale and lamb banks that make great shower gifts or could be perfect for a gender reveal!

Another great keepsake for all moms with new babies are pretty little containers for their first tooth and first little piece of hair! These little sentimental moments are kept so preciously in these ceramic boxes.


When you have a baby, you will NOT regret taking their footprints. This canvas documents your little ones little piggies is such a pretty way. It also comes in blue or pink 🙂


Now this next one is a life saver – the pacifier lovey. It’s a tiny little super soft blankey that attaches to the pacifier! Genius! Bella Tunno also makes “Little Binkers” that clip onto your baby’s shirt on one end and onto the pacifier on the other! You will never lose your baby’s pacifier again!


In the first year of a baby’s life, there are so many milestones to document! These stickers include each month for the first year, PLUS 8 milestones (i.e. rolling over). It couldn’t be easier to take pictures and document your baby’s first year with these adorable stickers!


What are some of your favorite baby items or “go-to” shower gifts?

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